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The Start Page Randomizer gives your browser the ability to start up with a random page from a list of your favorite web sites.

For the truly adventurous, you can choose to to be randomized to pages added by other users. Pick the categories you're interested in, and see what shows up! The optional work-safe filter allows you to randomize your startpage with complete confidence and you can even choose whether to allow other users to see your pages or not.

Simply create an account and add your favorite websites to your list to get started. Then, whenever you start a new internet browser (or click the "home" button), you'll be redirected to one of the sites in your list - or if you like, somebody elses list!

The Randomizer now provides a bookmarklet - a small piece of JavaScript that you can save as a bookmark - that allows you to add new pages to your account, with a single click! You no longer need to sign in to the Randomizer to add pages, simply click to add! Sign in or register for more information.

Once you've signed up and created your account, you will be given your own personal link that will choose one of your web sites to show. You can use your link in a wide variety of ways, such as:

You can change your browsers start page, so that a random selection from your list of pages will appear when you connect to the internet. If you regularly visit the same websites, you can simply click the "Home" button in your browser to see another one!

Add your personal link to your favorites. Then you can jump to one of your pages, by simply clicking a link. If you choose to allow the Randomizer to show you pages that belong to other users, this can be a very nice way to discover corners of the internet that you never knew existed!

Add some interesting links to your account, then use your Personal Randomizer Link as part of your signature in online forums and communities, such as mySpace.


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    It's alive!! I've resurrected the Randomizer after decommissioning it nearly six years ago! It looks a little dated and the stats are all out of whack, but it still works... :)


    Created a Twitter account for automatically tweeting new pages.


    Added two new categories, 'Travel and Maps' and 'Money and Finance'.


    Fixed an annoyng bug that caused the "remember me" checkbox not to work. Also added some protection against spam-bots posting garbage into the feedback forms.


    The Randomizer has been upgraded from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0! Big deal, you say? Maybe so, but it is the first site update in six months.