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1. What is the Start Page Randomizer?
2. How does it work?
3. How do I use it?
4. What is the difference between public and private links?

Public Links can be seen by anyone who wants to see them. Links that do not require you to "log in" are public links. For example www.google.com and www.msn.com are public links, and can safely be shared to be seen by anyone.

Private Links are links that you do not want to share with anyone else. For example, the login screen for your hotmail account or a page that shows your local weather might be private links, since other users are unlikely to be interested in such things.

5. How do page categories work?
6. Why are my pages marked as uncategorized?
7. Why can't I decide the category of my own pages?
8. Why does my page have to be checked by an administrator?
9. Why does my page have to be viewed by an administrator and categorized for public display if I made it private?
10. A page I added has been incorrectly categorized! What can I do?
11. What is "Unsuitable Content"?
12. Where can I see a list of all the pages in a category?
13. How do I stop using the Randomizer?
14. I have an account and I've added some links, but I never get redirected. What's going on?
15. Why do my private pages have comments associated with them?
16. What do the bombs mean?
17. What is the Work-Safe filter? And how do I enable/disable it?
18. How does the rating system work?